A December Evening

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A December Evening

Envisioning pure, white troops,

Pallid faces, glistening with frozen smiles,

Raiding diamond castles,

Transparent swords clashing and clanging,

And white milk pouring in place of blood.


Or skiing down vertical hills,

Experiencing the thrills of a daredevil,

Falling down in the blanket and waking up in bed.


Or as flakes, hail, snow descend,

Standing in the midst of it all,

Sticking out my tongue,

Tasting the purity of the whiteness,

Transcending into a world unknown.


All envisioned while cozy in a beanbag,

A steaming’ cup of cocoa sitting beside,

A book; and a crackle of fire sounding,

All on a certain evening in a certain month.


Alternate Worlds

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Alternate Worlds

Often the shadows did little but hide,

In the depths of their own misery.

Often the lights did little but illuminate

In the heights of their own glory.

And often did they clash, in all their glory and misery,

Both drowning deep in abhorrence.






Flowing gently underneath,

Haze, alabaster, dispersed,

The moon, an emerald, delicate.


The sakura floated,

My heart tremored,

I quivered.


Patience continuing,

The wait ever-lasting,

The bittersweet feeling…






A canvas blank,

An emulsion, blotches and smudges,

Thousands of shades and tones,

Fabricated, sewn, embellished,

Through obstacles, experiences, tragedy,

Perspiration, sacrifices, laughter, and tears.


A struggle, imagined, demanded, sought-for,

Wiped clean,

As the canvas goes blank,

For the start of a new life,




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The proposition set forth,

Ranges from fame to money

To unmatched abilities to crafty schemes.

But that shall not be my proposition.


Uttering a word, thought, idea

Shall not be my proposition

For silence is the kindest; the thoughtful word.


Complaining about useless faults,

Shall not be my proposition,

For patience is the golden gift.


Rushing for fame and money,

Shall not my proposition,

For the meagre have qualities.


Yearning for company

Shall not be the proposition I seek,

For solitariness is strong.


The transfer of blame,

Shall not be the proposition I seek,

For humility is what I yearn.


Undergoing easy rituals,

Shall not be my proposition,

For one learns to be a human

Only through trials and tribulations.


Ok guys. I am so sorry for not being more consistent with my posts. I have been on a hiatus for almost a month, and I owe you all an apology. Hopefully, now that high school is slowing down a bit and I am getting used to the workload and scheduling, I will be more active on my blog. 🙂 So, sorry again!


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With regret as a boulder weighing on the conscience,

It is with great will must I say,

When the milk spills from the moon,

And it cannot be sewn again,

And the dew flows from the mountain,

Only to burst in a bright explosion of tears,

Then seek knowledge to sharpen yourself

For knowledge is irreversible; is a sword; is hope; and

Only the flame named hope can ignite will in you again.