Hey there! I am Robin, living in the busy, yet transitory suburbs of Canada. I am in high-school, going through the usual challenges of life. In high school, I have found that to some extent, I like math, English, and Languages. I also like sports especially cricket, tennis, and basketball.

I started blogging in early 2016, but due to less time and school-work, blogging was left undone. However, finding some time nowadays, I wanted to continue blogging.  What I wanted to blog about, though, was a challenge. However, after spending some time pondering on it, I chose the two things I love the most. Poems. Ever since I have started to analyze poems, I have fell in love with them. They mystery that surrounds poems always intensifies me. I love that feeling when we suddenly realize what the poet meant to say in his poem. Poems have always been special to me. I believe that poems should not only be read and analyzed, but also understood by the mind and felt by the heart.

I hope you come to realize this too by reading my poems. I hope to receive your feedback and opinions, so my experience can grow as well as yours. Looking forward to this wonderful journey together. 🙂


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep up your poem-making! There are so many, many fine poets out there from whom I take instruction each time I read them. (I love to write poetry, as well, and post those on Fridays.) Best to you in your blogging endeavors–may you find good connections here and grow as you write!

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