Crimson Pearls

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Crimson Pearls

Cool, silky water threads around bare legs,
The turbulent, salty sting hits my nose.

I tread deep into the steepening surface,
Carefree, flowing freely.

I lie down, a back crawl,
And then I close my eyes; peace envelopes.

Next thing I conceive,
Are droplets in front of me,
A tender hand, a fin,
Pushing me back,
Into the abyss; depths,
Of the water.

I float back,
Foams of water spreading around,
I fell under.

I swirled around,
My breath at its last.

My mind grappled the situation,
And common sense told me I was a goner.

But, then, time stopped.
I stopped breathing.
My eyes adjusted.
And then I saw the world.
The world under the sea.

Azure waves rippled,
White pebbles shone,
The sandy floor stretched for miles,
The light shone through,
And created a painting etched into the eyes.

Then something grasped me at my neck,
And I recognized by the sense of touch,
That tender hand again,
That fin again
Pulling me up.

I thrashed my arms around,
Taking hold of something warm,
Grasping onto it, I resurfaced.

Then, time resumed.
Breathing started,
Heart beat once again,

Then, as the sun shone through,
Providing light for me to see,
I opened my palm,
Waiting to see what I had grasped.

And when I opened it,
I held a crimson pearl.