This is a poem in reply to Sammi Cox’s challenge on her blog: Weekend Writing Prompt. I really enjoyed the challenge which really made me think of the right words for this poem as well as completing the challenge successfully. Thank You! ^_^

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A surreal scene,

Beckoning to me,

Centers with a sacrifice.


Deep down tremors erupt,

Ethereal disaster,

Front defiant, though.


Guile surrounds, and the

Hilt of the blade,

Immerses itself deep,



Killing the spirit,

Languishing the flames,

Moaning anguish,

Nebulas become void.



Permanent wound.

Queer scenes,

Resistance futile; return imminenet.


Seeing it go through,

Tailoring the way for the stitches,

Under the illusion,

Venting out the pain; anger; hurt.


Waiting for it to pass,

Xylem pours out the tears,

Yearning for the peace lost.


Zeal is often underestimated.