This world is but a canvas to our imagination. - Henry David Thoreau


Stardust, flowing grace,

A meaning apprehended,

Living in a place remote,

One that a conscience possesses.


An accommodation ridden of thought,

An abode ruminated not

A yearn owned not,

Yet a skill easy to learn.


Serenity, persisting peace,

Smiles, a wonder unknown,

Laughs, a humane communication,

Dreams, the glow, unappreciated.


A canvas, impassive,

A brush, impatient,

A glow, unrendering,

A painting, unpainted.

Wondering what this all means,

Roam I do into a world undiscovered

Where reality becomes unknown,

And common sense becomes a rarity.



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Irreplaceable emotions of distress

Eminent threads of joy,

A symbol of feelings,

A sign of a complicated world,

Shed by a human being.