Milky Snow (18/04/17)

Recreation Oil Painting.
This is a painting by Leonid Afremov. It is called “Milky Snow”. It was found at this link. I suggest going there. This man has some wonderful paintings out there! 🙂

Milky Snow

A group passed by,

A bystander was I,

The trees stood barren,

The lamplight burned, blazing,

The heavens were cloudless.


The leafs were a turquoise blue,

The lamp, a titian inferno,

The trunks made dark dravites,

Reflecting little pieces of light.

The crypted mountains were vesuvianites,

The land, a danburite.


The boy passed the dravites,

Trudged on the howlites,

And when he looked up,

I, as a bystander, saw his eyes,

Silent as graphite.


And now, when all hope was lost,

When the flakes were meant to be lost,

Mother Nature took pity on this down-ridden soul,

And sent down a barrage of anglesites,

Which he only saw as

Milky Snow.


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