O Musk


O Musk

“Bending reflections, sentiments,

       Supernovas explode, burst.

Indecisive veins, thoughts,

       Myriad refractions pass by.

Perturbed eyes, invariably,

       Soul inclines mortified.


Risks taken, undone,

       Success achieved sparsely.

Lessons learned, absorbed,

       Applied annually.

Unity grasped, held,

       Frustration fried, exploding inside.


Logic embraced, taken,

       Strength woed over.

Responsibility carried, lifted,

       Procrastination delved deep.

Valor tried, thrown,

       Courage deprived of.


Sarcastic nature, character,

       Replies begin infinite.

Embellishment liking, appreciation,

       Appeasing not confined.

Stooge hugged, embraced,

       Depiction unmistakable, unidentified.”


Write, I do, on this piece of papyrus,

      Sacred words I think, sacred I write.

Depiction, portray my feelings,

       I do, with a question arising.

Am I allowed to, now,

       Say the question I have asked before?

“Do these words describe me,

       Like you think, O musk?”


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