Avarice and Cowardice: A Satire: Part 1 (Revised) + Part 2

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Avarice and Cowardice: A Satire: Part 1 (Revised) + Part 2

Only for avarice show,

Do ye conquer valleys of bones,

And whilst those brave kittens face the sun,

Thee, Me, Thou, Thine, the timid lions, face the moon,

And thine’s own remarkable cowardice gives way when meeting a bump.


This dull medal, for what hast thou gotten it?

Timid bravery, pseudo valor, deceptive honor;  

Thine own unique qualities, the medal beholds?

Accept thee does graciously, fooled, and while thee must, the sense

Justice hast dead?


March forth, ye does, with vicious valor, and with scornful pride I look,

Nose upturned, kind and sharp ye seem to be,

Thine’s amorphous appearance makes ye visible,

Through the trees, invisible,

And with a steely fondness they gaze.


Steely gazes ye return, crude observations make ye,

Cruelly kind ye seem to be, with sharp, vicious valor.


Nay, ain’t this what ye wished for?

Thee’s appearance,



To be called lo and behold?


Rusted golden hair,

Dampened proud spirit,

Unknown, uncherished unique qualities,

Blind, observing eyes,

Frowning smile lit up for ye?


Warm, black heart,

Face-talk, excellent,

Hearty understanding, garbage,

Smiles and affection, all a waste,

For tears and frowns, do ye crave?


Thine’s clenched fist unobserved,

Ever-relenting obstinate attitude,

To be called Lo and behold?

O Lo and behold to be called, ye thought?


Words or actions, thee care not,

For to follow isn’t thee’s world, but to lead is?


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