My New Novel Arrives!

Hello all! I hope you all are doing well! So, as most of you may recall from last week’s post called “A Little Change–A Little Thanks–A Little Poem” that I will be posting about my new novel on my blog. So welcome!

So, I wanted to list out what I would be telling you all in this post:

  • The background/plot of my novel
  • How I came to write this novel.
  • The long awaited title of my novel.

So, well, lets get started, shall we? 🙂

The background/plot of my novel.

Well, I hope I can tell you all everything about how I started to write this novel.  So, I will first start with what the basic plot or background of my novel is. And here I go.

The plot of my book is a poetry contest. A young man in high school, named Robin (Yes, the irony. XD), goes to a poetry contest. Then he is surprised and meets some of his friends, and then, after some well-meant fuming word exchanged and rivalries reborn, the contest starts. In the contest, the judges place out prompts for the contestants to write a poem. Then each contestant writes a long poem, until the winners are chosen.

There is sure to be some dialogue, irony, humor, breathtaking moments in between, just to make the reader engaged. I mean nobody wants to read poems that are over 20 pages long and take about half a day to uncover what the meaning is, right? 😀 And besides, this quote explains it all:

However, even though I plan to write a long poem for my contestants, at the start I will limit it to 6 – 10 pages since there will be about 35-50 contestants in the first round. So, I will limit it to 6 – 10 pages at the start, and continue onto 10-20 pages as rounds start to go by, and contestants diminish.

Of course, for this story to be a rather long novel, I will have to make long poems for each contestant in the later plot, but right now I am just working on how to introduce my characters and start the beginning of the contest. I plan to make a series for this novel, so I will have one to two prompts per book. However, the only downside to this plan is that I have to make extremely long poems, preferably 17-20 pages, for the novel to be an average length.  You know I think I have stated this complaint twice, so I better go off this topic before I go off into a rant about the complications of writing a long poem. 😉

So, that is how far I have gotten into the basic structure of my novel. Of course, as always, I have explained this unclearly, so hopefully it will become clear as to what my plot is, when I post an excerpt next month for this post. 🙂

Here is a meme that will hopefully calm the anxiousness inside some of you:

How cute is that bunny!? 🙂

How I came to write this novel.

Well, this is a rather hard question to answer, mostly because there were three moments when the idea of writing this novel came to me. However, I will only recount the latest one, since that laid the base for my novel to actually be written, not just remain an idea.

So, I have been taking part in a writing club, and the leaders of the writing club recently gave the club members a prompt to write out. That prompt was to list five story ideas. Of course, I listed some other ideas along with this idea. Luckily, they leaders went forth and then produced prompts that actually let the members choose one of their ideas and develop their characters, plot, and etc. Therefore, I grabbed onto this opportunity to write this novel, as I can’t think out a better opportunity than this one.

Therefore, this section is going to be very short, as I have summarized the events leading to the establishment of the novel in a small, yet informative paragraph. 😀

The long awaited title of my novel.

Ok, now I am sure all of you are itching on your seats to know the title of my novel. Or well, not all of you are itching but still delved deep in curiosity. Anyways, I could not, unfortunately, make a cover fro my book this month, so hopefully I will make it next month in time for next month’s post.

However, lets jump ahead of any more interruptions and introduce my title.

Legends Reborn: The Ravel and the Verdict

Pretty catchy title. It makes you think of a court case, which is exactly what I want it to make you think. 😀 😉

Anyways, that is all from me today! Tell me how you feel about my new novel, and see you guys later with poems, poems, and more poems! 🙂


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