Hiding colors, Searching eyes,

Arising questions, Dampened spirit,

Heaving chest, Clenching teeth,

Dripping hair, Solitary.


I Wonder

There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same. - Carlos Santana

I Wonder

If I could scour the skies,

And jump onto the rodents,

Living in the galaxy,

I wonder who I would be then.


If I could identify the Milky Way,

And delve deep into the mystery of

The Black Hole,

I wonder who I would be then.


If I could jump onto the sun,

And absorb all its light,

And use it to light up the world,

I wonder who I would be then.


If I could travel the moon,

And experience the same fate as it,

And still stay the same as I was before,

I wonder who I would be then.


If I could find a star,

That encompasses all my feelings,

And stay true to it,

I wonder who I would be then.


If I can stay the same,

As I am as I write,

If I can stay the same through all these endeavors,

I wonder who I would be then.


Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming! - Joseph B. Wirthlin


Kindling fires, luminescent stars,

Dreamy eyes, Burning hopes,

Hands moving, Lips breathing,

Hopes yearning, Smiles lasting.


Hello everybody! I hope you all are doing well. So, in the blogosphere, there is a contest going on. The picture below will probably explain it better:


You can find more information here:

So, I wanted to take part in this challenge, and this here goes my attempt.

Prompts: (In the story, they will be bolded and italicized).

Word Prompt:17c4a6f02664d5db24dd4caf341a653e

Picture Prompt:ed110bff25c843eaff89f9f8cc1f6b5c

Character Prompt:f5849a2a0758a54413d3de5a83a809d3

Items to Include: Cloak, amulet/pendent, & a storm

Here Is My Story!:

I couldn’t believe it. I was safe. I could almost laugh–in this dreaded situation, though, nothing escaped the cages of my mouth. Moonlight poured in through a sole window. I sat shivering in the damp, cold room. The thin, white dress, although beautiful, did nothing to appease my frailty. 

As I stared at the cloudless sky, thoughts raced through my mind. It had been supposed to be a bad day. I was supposed to have been forgotten by the world, lost in time. But I wasn’t. And that was what was so funny. I was safe.

I had been brought to this secluded tower by the Undercatchers. I shivered at the thought of those snarly, ugly things. I remembered the feeling when they had came to take me away. And then shivered again.

They had dragged me to this tower. The tower had looked like a grave upon first sight. Vultures had been swooping over it, and fiery clouds were billowing upon the tower. It had been horror at first sight.

However, when I looked to the sides, autumn leaves were blooming and falling. It was such a pretty sight. I sigh. How will I classify this tower? Is it beautiful or horrific? I can’t seem to make my mind. But then, I have more important things to look over.

Then they had dragged me to this room and locked me in here. Moreover, they had taken my furry, warm cloak. It certainly would have been useful in this situation. I shake my head. No use thinking over things gone now.

I turn my attention back to the moon gazing at me through the squares of my window.  A storm seems to be brewing too. As lightning crackles, and a ray of moonlight passes through it, a glimmer is what I see. It seems a beautiful sight. And I smile. Even in this dreadful situation. Maybe I will escape. And when I do, my family and friends will be waiting for me– and these Undercatchers will pay.

And well that is it! Hope you all enjoy this short story! 🙂


Upside Down (2012) | Film International


When the mountain will yield,

And the sun will dim,

And the clouds will shrink,

And the moon will shroud.


When everything goes upside down,

Will you be able to stay how you are,

In your place as a king,

In your place as the leader?


Or will you succumb to the pressure,

To the rants, rebellions, critics?

Will you succumb to injustice, lies,

And fall down to last place?

O Musk


O Musk

“Bending reflections, sentiments,

       Supernovas explode, burst.

Indecisive veins, thoughts,

       Myriad refractions pass by.

Perturbed eyes, invariably,

       Soul inclines mortified.


Risks taken, undone,

       Success achieved sparsely.

Lessons learned, absorbed,

       Applied annually.

Unity grasped, held,

       Frustration fried, exploding inside.


Logic embraced, taken,

       Strength woed over.

Responsibility carried, lifted,

       Procrastination delved deep.

Valor tried, thrown,

       Courage deprived of.


Sarcastic nature, character,

       Replies begin infinite.

Embellishment liking, appreciation,

       Appeasing not confined.

Stooge hugged, embraced,

       Depiction unmistakable, unidentified.”


Write, I do, on this piece of papyrus,

      Sacred words I think, sacred I write.

Depiction, portray my feelings,

       I do, with a question arising.

Am I allowed to, now,

       Say the question I have asked before?

“Do these words describe me,

       Like you think, O musk?”

The Author

ANIMAL Teachers: Winged Ones: Crow Family


The Author

Lying in ferns, mossy beds,

Pelt covering from toe to head,

A bubble appeared inside my mind,

And evolved to a scene I could not understand.


An old man stood in front of me,

And the wind echoed the words

That escaped from his lips,

And my ears perked up to listen.


“Whom do you call,

A person with black hair and eyes,

Naive he is, novice he is always,

A raven he encompasses,

Observant his nature.

Courage, Valor, Honor,

None he carries,

Only fear gnaws inside him,

As he goes on with his journey?”


And my heart throbs ever louder,

And I clench my fists, because only one person fits that description.

And as the word “me’ escapes my lips,

The light of confirmation is seen in those eyes.