I Wonder


I Wonder

Treading on the meadows green,

The lush bushes, trees, leaves,


Treading on the river wavering,

The sun burning bright,

The moon, dark, sullen,

The mountains, tall, majestic.


I wonder if it could be different,

This journey of mine,

On jagged peaks and protruding rocks?


I wonder if it could have  been changed,

Had I chosen that path, not this,

When the journey started asunder.


Treading upon the dreams green,

The confidence, lush white,

The desire, glowing with dew,

The determination bursting forth.


Treading on hopes serene,

I wonder.


The Ocean


The Ocean

Shiny pearl, Golden fleck,

Azure color, Texture less,

Buried deep, Sleeping eternal,

The ocean echoes my thoughts.

The Spotlight


The Spotlight

The lights blink,

The spotlight centers,

The mind wavers,

The heart tremors.


The tears start aflowing,

The heart begins to pound,

The mind begins to stand,

The lips begin to say.


The hands start to move,

The head begins to shake,

The emotion runs high,

And the applause grows louder.

What Shalt Happen?


What Shalt Happen?

Oh what does it mean to see?

To feel, to hear, to smell, to be?


Oh what shalt happen to ye, when thine shalt not see?

When thine will not see the earth quake, or the lava fall,

When thine will not see the tears and smiles of loved ones?

Oh what shalt happen to thine if ye can not hear?

Cannot hear the crying of a hapless kitten,

Thrown into dumps, And the sounds and laughs of loved ones?

Oh what shalt happen when thee faces smell, agone?

Not smelling the colorful fragrance of flowers,

And the aroma of food made by loved ones?

Oh what shalt happen to thee when ye faces danger,

And existence has been disarrayed,

Disengaged from thine’s own loved ones?


So, beware thee, because oft have ye displaced,

Thee’s loved one’s advice. Now, to warn I articulate–now to warn, I write.




Driven lust, envious eyes,

Hard work, deceitful lies.


Swooning contributions, cold hues,

Towering triumphs, nervous blues.


Serene smiles, broken trust,

Clasping hands, rueing thrusts.


Widened eyes,  heavy gusts,

Light hearts, red crusts.


Contribution, all these make,

To success, all at stake.

A Little Change–A Little Thanks–A Little Poem.


Hi everybody! I hope you all are doing wonderfully fine on this wonderful day. So, before I start the main idea of this post I want to thank every one of you who have supported me during these first three months of my blogging career. People who have followed my blog, commented on my blog, viewed my posts, and even just viewed my blog, thank you! I couldn’t have made it this far without all of you guys’ help and encouragement. I hope we can take the next step and continue our journey together in this wide blogging universe. 🙂

Now, back to my main point. I have always loved creating poems and loved to share them more, and thus the reason for this blog. So, as you all might know, I have been blogging poems on my blog for the last three months. However, now that I have a little experience in blogging, I have decided to post about something else. A new novel I am writing. I have just currently started writing my new novel, “Out There”, and wanted to share it with all of you. So, here is the change I am going to make – 

  • On each last day or first day of every month, I am going to be posting an overview of my book, how it is going, some sneak peeks, my characters,and all that. And yes, the very first one comes out February 28 or on March 1! 🙂

So, this is the only change I am going to be introducing on my blog. Apart from that there will be 3-5 poems/week on my blog per usual.

Here is a poem I made for this very special occasion. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Villanelle: Writing

Taking a book made of clay,

A wreathed reed, full of ink,

As writing down I went, writing down for the day.


Writing jargon on the bay,

I edged; I teetered upon the brink,

Taking a book made of clay.


I saw things that they needed to say,

I heard things meant to be seen to link,

As writing down I went, writing down for the day.


Feelings things, saying them, ending it for the day,

My mind wavers, it screams, it thinks,

Taking a book made of clay


Dreams, prizes, legends, all gray

I felt it end; yet it only just began, I find out as it clinks

As writing down I went, writing down for the day.



I felt the sun, the snow, the rift, the ray,

I think, I imagine, I write, as it all syncs,

Taking a book made of clay,

As writing down I went, writing down for the day.


Thank you all for reading! 🙂

The Heart


The Heart

Oh those snow flecks drop,

And with them falls the heart,

Once snowy white with gold flecks,

And now it turns coal black, hopelessly grey.

Or hopefully, vice versa.