I was sitting on the couch,

When a moment of anger hit me hard,

And I led my self to be furious.


I heard someone calling me names,

And got up rather quick,

To face the one calling.


Right then and there, someone came knocking on my door,

But a few more screams, and few more shouts,

Sent it on its way back again.


My eyes were as dark as coal,

And my jaws were clenched,

My fists were shaking—everything unrelenting.


I stormed down the house,

Sat down on a couple of rocks,

And pondered on the events of the day so far.


My mind realized,

Nothing fruitful had been accompanied,

Of the few shouts and screams from my soul.


Seething steam between my teeth,

The cold wind calmed me,

And put rest to my steaming ears.


I felt sorry for what I had said,

And I went back in,

My heart pounding–my pride standing in honor’s way.


Yet justice won its way tonight,

As I went in,

And made a few good apologies,

As my heart’s tumult came to cease,

And my house was ‘Home, Sweet Home, once again.


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