Parents: A Gift

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Parents: A Gift

Sometimes, when you are all alone,

You don’t know where to hide,

And everybody has just gone.


Sometimes, when the light seems to be shimmering down,

When the night seems to be darker more and more,

And coal seems to be the gem laid in store.


Sometimes, when being pessimistic seems to your only option,

You sigh inwardly, very deeply,

And when the sun seems to be the moon, shining silently.


Sometimes, when your eyes have water in them,

Your heart seems to be bleeding,

And when everything seems to fall of its own accord.


Sometimes, when all of that happens,

You just have to look around,

And look for some relief.


Sometimes, there is only one place you can find it,

Regardless of it being close or far,

And let me tell you, it is both at the same time; near and far apart.


Sometimes, two people are all that your hear need,

When in the hardest of times,

Or in the prettiest of days.


Sometimes, two people are all you need,

To make your life shine brighter than the sun,

Those two people—who can they be?


With them, your heart pounds happily,

With them, your life shines like a butterfly,

And spring is always right around the corner.


Without them, your heart has withered away,

Without them, your life is a gloomy one, hidden away,

And spring or summer, no matter, it is always bleak.


Now, can you ponder on this and tell me,

Who are these two people?


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