The wind swished by me,

The scene unfurled around me,

The skies opened their wrath,

The soldiers fell around me.


The quiver hanging on my back,

The arrow nocked on my bow,

The bow set in line,

The shot to be released.


My eyes set on my target,

My mind seeing the scene,

My hands shaking from the prospect,

My heart refusing to accept it.


The weapon I had been trained with,

The confidence I had been instilled with,

The power I had been taught with,

All came to betray me at this moment.



However, one thing stood within me,

Tall and mounting,

Courage never faltered,

As perspiration creased my brow.


Standing weakly on my knee,

I nocked my arrow,

And sent it deep, flying high,

Into the mass of soldiers.


It was to be my last shot,

In the swaying mass of battle,

As a dart struck me high,

And I fell reeling back.


Taken by the medics,

To the safety of the tent,

I lay down, gasping,

With relief.


An hour or so passed,

By me within this state,

When the commander came to me,

And knelt beside my abode.


“You have done us a great tribute,

By eradicating the captain of the enemy,

Rest here and we shall travel back,

With news of victory,” said he.


Smiling back at myself,

I wonder on this thought,

Just ponder on at what a little courage can do,

When it matters the most to you.


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