Those petals falling,

What a wonder it seems to me,

Those dainty flowers shedding off their hard work,

In the form of petals.


My curious mind asked me a question,

My heart had been pondering on,

And although my soul tried to push that thought away,

My mind declined the futile attempt.


“Why, those alluring flowers,

Have shed their beauty,

When it is the only thing,

That makes them beautiful?”


No answer arrived to me,

And I was left wondering,

As night approached and

A gust of wind shook my hair.


Heaving up my head,

From my downside view,

I gazed at the flowers,

Shed of their light.


Yet, when that gust of wind blows

Those petals, alluring as they were,

Came blowing my way once again,

And my eyes feasted on that beauty,

While my mind marvelsedat the flowers.



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