via Daily Prompt: Calm


That severe austere,

That engulfs me when I roam,

When I roam the seas, so wide,

And when I roam the valleys, in expanse.


That austere makes my heart tremor,

From the terror that had seized my heart with such malevolence,

My mind thinking such gloomy thoughts,

Is within another seizure of terror.


Yet when I reach that inevitable turn,

That I had eluded, somehow till now,

My fate takes a caterwaul,

And my destiny is reversed.



The turn which was unattainable,

Has been attained, and my heart

Is in a trance that had been forgotten,

For a moment too late.


O the turn was nothing more,

Than that rueful sight that everybody looks at dusk and dawn,

That sight which the beautiful star makes,

That sunset, dawning with comprehension.


The edges of my mouth curl up,

My eyes sparkle with the light,

As the terror in my heart has been pacified,

With the upcoming of the sunset.


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