A vain entity they are,

Boundless hopes they give,

A beast of fear they instill,

And trust they betray.


Lush green meadows,

We see in these scenes,

An marvel at them with our heart,

Lounging with happiness.


Or it might be a different case,

And we might be cowering behind rocks,

Afraid of the dangers lurking out,

In the dark, creepy night.


So this traitor has two sides to see,

You might like it, or you might hate it,

But remember this,

In the end, it is all a dream.


Parents: A Gift

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Parents: A Gift

Sometimes, when you are all alone,

You don’t know where to hide,

And everybody has just gone.


Sometimes, when the light seems to be shimmering down,

When the night seems to be darker more and more,

And coal seems to be the gem laid in store.


Sometimes, when being pessimistic seems to your only option,

You sigh inwardly, very deeply,

And when the sun seems to be the moon, shining silently.


Sometimes, when your eyes have water in them,

Your heart seems to be bleeding,

And when everything seems to fall of its own accord.


Sometimes, when all of that happens,

You just have to look around,

And look for some relief.


Sometimes, there is only one place you can find it,

Regardless of it being close or far,

And let me tell you, it is both at the same time; near and far apart.


Sometimes, two people are all that your hear need,

When in the hardest of times,

Or in the prettiest of days.


Sometimes, two people are all you need,

To make your life shine brighter than the sun,

Those two people—who can they be?


With them, your heart pounds happily,

With them, your life shines like a butterfly,

And spring is always right around the corner.


Without them, your heart has withered away,

Without them, your life is a gloomy one, hidden away,

And spring or summer, no matter, it is always bleak.


Now, can you ponder on this and tell me,

Who are these two people?

The Sword of Nature


The Sword of Nature

The sword of nature,

The whistle of the wind,

The glare from the sun,

The jagged peaks of the mountains.


The lush, green trees,

The scent of the flowers,

The buzz of the bees,

And the sparkle from the moon.


The sweetness of the air,

The sight of the stars,

The blackness of the night,

And the curve of the hills.


The bright light of nature,

The beauty of nature,

The scent of nature,

And that is the sword of nature.




The wind swished by me,

The scene unfurled around me,

The skies opened their wrath,

The soldiers fell around me.


The quiver hanging on my back,

The arrow nocked on my bow,

The bow set in line,

The shot to be released.


My eyes set on my target,

My mind seeing the scene,

My hands shaking from the prospect,

My heart refusing to accept it.


The weapon I had been trained with,

The confidence I had been instilled with,

The power I had been taught with,

All came to betray me at this moment.



However, one thing stood within me,

Tall and mounting,

Courage never faltered,

As perspiration creased my brow.


Standing weakly on my knee,

I nocked my arrow,

And sent it deep, flying high,

Into the mass of soldiers.


It was to be my last shot,

In the swaying mass of battle,

As a dart struck me high,

And I fell reeling back.


Taken by the medics,

To the safety of the tent,

I lay down, gasping,

With relief.


An hour or so passed,

By me within this state,

When the commander came to me,

And knelt beside my abode.


“You have done us a great tribute,

By eradicating the captain of the enemy,

Rest here and we shall travel back,

With news of victory,” said he.


Smiling back at myself,

I wonder on this thought,

Just ponder on at what a little courage can do,

When it matters the most to you.




Those petals falling,

What a wonder it seems to me,

Those dainty flowers shedding off their hard work,

In the form of petals.


My curious mind asked me a question,

My heart had been pondering on,

And although my soul tried to push that thought away,

My mind declined the futile attempt.


“Why, those alluring flowers,

Have shed their beauty,

When it is the only thing,

That makes them beautiful?”


No answer arrived to me,

And I was left wondering,

As night approached and

A gust of wind shook my hair.


Heaving up my head,

From my downside view,

I gazed at the flowers,

Shed of their light.


Yet, when that gust of wind blows

Those petals, alluring as they were,

Came blowing my way once again,

And my eyes feasted on that beauty,

While my mind marvelsedat the flowers.





via Daily Prompt: Calm


That severe austere,

That engulfs me when I roam,

When I roam the seas, so wide,

And when I roam the valleys, in expanse.


That austere makes my heart tremor,

From the terror that had seized my heart with such malevolence,

My mind thinking such gloomy thoughts,

Is within another seizure of terror.


Yet when I reach that inevitable turn,

That I had eluded, somehow till now,

My fate takes a caterwaul,

And my destiny is reversed.



The turn which was unattainable,

Has been attained, and my heart

Is in a trance that had been forgotten,

For a moment too late.


O the turn was nothing more,

Than that rueful sight that everybody looks at dusk and dawn,

That sight which the beautiful star makes,

That sunset, dawning with comprehension.


The edges of my mouth curl up,

My eyes sparkle with the light,

As the terror in my heart has been pacified,

With the upcoming of the sunset.