th_1_ (3).png


Walking the fields down the end of the road,

I witnessed beauty’s grace.

But first I saw the flowers,

Inviting me to their parade.


I saw the roses, so red and blue,

Beautiful and unmatched, they ruled every hue.

But walking down the road so narrow,

I noticed people making sorrow.


And I watched the sunflowers, shining so bright,

Matched in everything but light.

Yet looking at others, I see,

Downcast by pride and conceit.


Then I gazed at the orchids, full of mystery,

Pleasing everyone they see.

And yet deceit was not rare,

In the community.


And so remember, my friend or foe,

Beauty is a sight to behold,

But betrayal lies with beauty,

And so, my friend, choose wisely.


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