A soldier’s Thoughts.


A Soldier’s Thoughts

As he saunters to the gate,

His mind heavy with weight,

His eyes as hard as stone,

His smile as dangerous as a crone’s

And his rifle as his bait.

He walks to his fate,

As he rounds a narrow strait,

And sees past decisions gone

As he saunters gloomily.

He smashes headlong into war; a bit too late,

He realizes it is, to turn back at his fate

And then just smiles and smiles, memories jammed as hard as stone

And knows that destiny awaits him, and it has shown,

That trust and loyalty pay off even when alone

As he saunters, finally like a man.


My Friends


My Friends

The moon gazes at me with its fierce eyes

As the sun shines upon it with a burning light

And the soul of mine goes on a trip

Desolate and alone

It travels nigh

And with nothing to exploit and with nothing to accompany

The desire to befriend grows utmost fierce

And sense gives way to desire.

But if I see the sun on the horizon

Shining with temperament, still and fierce

And the moon dull yet bright,

And the pine trees swaying from left to right

Ecstasy surrounds me

As nature envelops me.




It is a delicate thing

Place onto our laps,

One wrong turn or caterwaul,

And it shatters into a thousand pieces.


It is like a rock,

Placed at the beach

Eroding softly

From the tides, so sweet.


Or it might be like an engulfing piece of land,

Covering the heart,

With an emotion too sweet,

For words to express.


It is like an hourglass,

Ticking away softly,

As time passes,

So does it vanish.


So take care of Trust,

A delicate thing indeed,

Once you have got it,

Treasure it,

For you never know when you might need it.



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Walking the fields down the end of the road,

I witnessed beauty’s grace.

But first I saw the flowers,

Inviting me to their parade.


I saw the roses, so red and blue,

Beautiful and unmatched, they ruled every hue.

But walking down the road so narrow,

I noticed people making sorrow.


And I watched the sunflowers, shining so bright,

Matched in everything but light.

Yet looking at others, I see,

Downcast by pride and conceit.


Then I gazed at the orchids, full of mystery,

Pleasing everyone they see.

And yet deceit was not rare,

In the community.


And so remember, my friend or foe,

Beauty is a sight to behold,

But betrayal lies with beauty,

And so, my friend, choose wisely.