New Beginnings


New Beginnings

You see the moon

Sinking into the deep black sea

A mourning look upon your face

As you reflect on your life.

Life goes on,

Chances go by,

You never raise your head

For some time.

But then as you look up once again,

Looking at the sun on the horizon,

As it rises,

Your eyes become stony hard,

And your mind becomes diamond clear.

You raise your head to its tallest point,

And puff out your chest,

And a smile lingers on your face,

As a new beginning starts,

Its ultimate point.


Expectations vs Reality

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Expectations vs Reality

Raising the bar, expecting higher than this,

Giving it all to get the desired result,

Yet fate intervenes, and the thread

Gets in the way, pulling you back down to Earth

And reality.

Tender Waves

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Tender Wave

A tender wave crashed onto the moon

A few hymns sprang to the lips

A feeling unknown rose in the spring,

And hovered above the pale aurora haze.


It stirred the emotions deep inside,

And flittered from side to side,

Teasing the wits of the wise,

And bringing smiles to the eyes of all.



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Fervent, idyllic,

            Water translucent.

Serene voice. Slumber tranquil.

            Luminary rays shine on dew.

Wings flutter. Lone cry

             Splatters on the surface.

Sounds far away. Slumber deep in

Dreams as nature blends in.