New Beginnings


New Beginnings

You see the moon

Sinking into the deep black sea

A mourning look upon your face

As you reflect on your life.

Life goes on,

Chances go by,

You never raise your head

For some time.

But then as you look up once again,

Looking at the sun on the horizon,

As it rises,

Your eyes become stony hard,

And your mind becomes diamond clear.

You raise your head to its tallest point,

And puff out your chest,

And a smile lingers on your face,

As a new beginning starts,

Its ultimate point.


Heat of Fusion Example Problem - Melting Ice


A frozen realm,

a symmetric synchronization.


a sharp intake,

as a reflective illusion shatters,

and each slides off into each’s own path.


The 14 most important '1984' quotes by George Orwell in the age of Trump


Red carpets rolled midair,

Streamers decorated the halls,

Fanciness stretched end to end,

Comfort reached the highest of pleasures.

Smiling faces entered,

Waiting for pleasant words to symphonize,

Harmony through unity.

But as night dawned,

And the chandelier lit,

The podium revealed in all their histrionic ways:


Written as a response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #181.


Ice T: Redemption just means you just make a change in your life... |  QuoteTab


Trapped in a dark cell,

No way to escape.

He is never going to, they all said

Not after the things he has done, they said,

And threw him into a cell he could never get out of.

Forced inside, he began to think.

All he ever wanted was a place to belong to,

To do something good for the world,

Impact the world in ways no one ever could.

Where did he go wrong?

Was it when he fell to his evil thoughts and temptations?

When he failed to listen to the warnings and condolences

Of the people that cared about him?

When he realized no one was there for him in the first place?

Was it now too late to change? Probably was, after this many years.

Closing his eyes, he prepared for death,

The only thing that could now bring him solace,

Confined in this cell.

But, a light still gleamed.

As he closed his eyes, he heard voices.

Two voices.

Full of warmth and love, saying,

“True change begins from within.”

Faint memories rose and tears welled.

He remembered those voices,

two people who had cared for him more than anyone.

Light and hope began to clear the shell and doubt

Filling his heart.

He remembered his promise and his purpose.

He stood up, opened his cell and looked out.

In the lone path that he had seen before,

two newly forged, diverging paths stood.

Shocked, he looked at the two paths,

And remembered an old, familiar voice saying:

“No matter how old you are,

It is never too late to change”.

in return

every action has an equal and opposite reaction - Pesquisa Google

in return

Strolled by the streets,

A standerby, with no intention of participation.

Looking at the grotesque scene with pure disgust,

He noticed the cruelty enforced,

Yet the forces within crumbled in the face of self-interest,

And the hood went up, the head went down, the eyes shifted,

The standerby clobbered on.

And no one said a word.

Alternate dimension,

Strolled by the streets,

A standerby, with no intention of participation.

Looking at the grotesque scene with pure disgust,

He noticed the cruelty enforced.

A spirit rose inside, a dragon-like form,

Pushing his way in he stood up and fought for the victim,

Only to meet a fateful end from the hands of a

Lasered revolver shot.

Saving the victim, losing his own life in return.

People began to cheer, chant, write about his name,

Proclaimed him a hero and engraved his name in the Hall of Fame.

But, pray, tell me, what happens the day

Heroes die off in our world,

And everyone crowds around that scene of violence,

Waiting for someone to take action, to proclaim that person a hero,

But no one steps forward and the pile of victims

Grow to rival even Mt. Everest?


Language Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Eloquently speaking ‘croissants”.

Raging inferno like “bulls”.

Variety of characters like “pasta”.

Hundreds of subdialects.

Calligraphy at its finest.


Symphony through variety,

Understanding through variance,

Harmony through similarity.


Only one of the many ways,

To reach out and make a difference.



Deep depths,

Darkness around,

Aura inexplicable,

Blue hues,



Reality strikes,

Light filters in,

Lungs ache,

Aura diminshes,

Barrier breaks,

Breathing again.

Expectations vs Reality

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Expectations vs Reality

Raising the bar, expecting higher than this,

Giving it all to get the desired result,

Yet fate intervenes, and the thread

Gets in the way, pulling you back down to Earth

And reality.



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Coming in like a sun’s ray at dawn,

Bringing forth a new wave of experiences and memories.

Soon, going away as the moon’s darkness at dusk’s arrival,

Bringing forth pain and grief at the loss of one’s existence.

Tender Waves

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Tender Wave

A tender wave crashed onto the moon

A few hymns sprang to the lips

A feeling unknown rose in the spring,

And hovered above the pale aurora haze.


It stirred the emotions deep inside,

And flittered from side to side,

Teasing the wits of the wise,

And bringing smiles to the eyes of all.