New Beginnings


New Beginnings

You see the moon

Sinking into the deep black sea

A mourning look upon your face

As you reflect on your life.

Life goes on,

Chances go by,

You never raise your head

For some time.

But then as you look up once again,

Looking at the sun on the horizon,

As it rises,

Your eyes become stony hard,

And your mind becomes diamond clear.

You raise your head to its tallest point,

And puff out your chest,

And a smile lingers on your face,

As a new beginning starts,

Its ultimate point.

Haibun: Summer Solstice

It is arranged in a sophistical way; yet, it all seems so unsophisticated. The ephemeral day has ended; yet, it has all but ended. The rays hit my forehead creating a humid atmosphere. I watch as the sun ascends to the highest point it will ever reach this year. Then, I smile. It is truly a sight. This sunrise, spewing out its flames and basking in its glory, will be a sight I will be waiting to see again. Now, only the sunset to go.

rainbow, ephemeral,

in its own sense, a sunset,

reminiscing solstice.

Written for Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille.

Golden Days

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Golden Days

A laugh that passes through my ears,

As  I recollect those days back again,

And now that a golden time fades into bronze,

Memories are made and forgotten—

While regret and other memories are born anew.

The Sky

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The Sky

An expanse limited to the naked eye,

Spreading over everything,

Containing the moon, precious,

Containing the sun, illuminating,

Containing the stars, holding our dreams.


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An ocean, roaring in vain,

Waves crashing onto the domain,

Voices creaking in the air,

Full of moisture.

As those torpid winds,

Carry the waves to the shores,

A shrill voice rises above the cascade,

A black cloak spreads.


Now eyes stare out in the sea,

Once full, but now empty,

As regret has come to bite back,

Its claws diving deep,

Into flesh and soul.

Now guilt covers the heart,

Like a cloak, black, waiting for its final breath.


My Wish

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better. - Jim Rohn

My Wish

My wish is one heartfelt,

One that is echoed by a thousand hearts,

Yet only one good felt receives it,

Such is the rarity of it.


My wish is one that,

Has been wanted from generations to generations,

Yet only a few of them got it,

For it needed hard work, ethic, sacrifice.


My wish is one,

That I have wished for long,

Yet, like a lost goat,

I have been straying off the path.


Now, I have only a desire,

That is accompanied by others,

Now, I wish that I may fulfil it, with some help,

And move to the ranks of the righteous.